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Let’s Get This Blog Party Started!

With the encouragement of my friends, I have decided to start my very own nail blog! …or rather, a blog about nail polish and nail art! I started doing my nails after a friend’s wedding just about a year ago. Being one of 4 bridesmaids, we all decided to get our nail’s done. I got a classic French Tip. I loved how it looked so much that after the wedding was all over and done, I decided I was going to continue doing my nails and keep them looking nice! I started out with only one bottle of polish, a base coat, and a top coat. Before I knew, I would have more polish than what I knew what to do with!
Within the past year, I’ve learned not only how to do my own nails and nail care, I’ve learned all about nail art and how popular it was! I started following other nail art blogs and learned about all kinds of things having to do with nail art. After lots and lots of practice, I started to get pretty decent at doing my nails and nail art and was getting lots of compliments, I even got my own grandmother into nail art!
So, back to the blog, this is my way of sharing my passion for all things Nail polish and Nail Art with the rest of the world!