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Yep, had to cut/file my nails down to nubbins. They’ve been peeling and splitting so badly lately. I may have to go sans polish for a bit while I nurse my poor nails back to length. I have Orly’s Nailtrition that I’ve been using as a base coat, but I haven’t noticed any difference. Same thing with NailTek II, which is for sensitive and peeling nails. After some research and reading of some Nail Guru Bloggers’ Blogs, I realized that many will ONLY wear whatever nail treatment they use for the recommended/prescribed amount of time by the company. So, as of tomorrow, I will have some bare nails for about a week or two. So sad. It’s definitely a good thing, then, that I have a small cache of manicures saved for you all!

Blue Swirls Balloon

Blue Swirls and a Balloon Ride

Blue Swirls and a Unicorn

Blue Swirls and a Unicorn

I used Zoya Song as my base color and Wet N’ Wild Storm (I think), except for the ring finger which is the opposite, and Sally Hansen Rapid Dry in Silver for the Unicorn. Unicorn and Balloon images are from the Winstonia Stamping Plates.  Swirls image from Cheeky Summer 2012 Stamping plates.

I really love the subtlety of the stamping and the polishes go so well together!!!

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